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Chokers are designer jewelry that has close fitting necklace that is worn around the neck and the choker are made of variety of material like velvet, plastic, beads, leather, Shell and metal and such as gold, platinum and silver. There are various model with different sizes and the choker is also made up of gold, platinum and silver. It is comfortable to wear and adjust the length to what you want. The choker necklace can be used for occasion like wedding, dinner, date, travel, party and dance on your lifestyle. Currently, there are wide range of products in the market with different stone shape, color, metal and more.

There are many types of choker necklace like basic plain choker, mixed up choker, all in one, bling choker, leather choker, ribbon choker, do it yourself choker and punk choker. The product comes in different pattern, different metal type as well as you can customize it. It gives you a gorgeous look when you wear it and it lasts longer when it is kept dry and free of chemicals. Some of the model looks simple and elegant for all kinds of dress. Choker necklace is available at all kinds price range.