Cell Phone Adhesive Card Holders

The Cell phone Adhesive cardholders are all available in the highest quality in ClothingShoesJewelry.com The cards won’t fall out of the cardholder sticker or the cardholder for the rear of the phone because of the strength and durability of the material. You no longer need to carry a big wallet or pocketbook. You’re all set to leave after inserting your credit cards, ID, and some cash into the card holder sticker. Practically all smartphones and cases with flat backs fit inside of this case. Credit cards and other items fit easily within an open pouch. It is transparent, and soft provides style and protection and repels dirt and stains.

It is a clever, durable, and fashionably designed product for your cell phones. Bring your ID and credit cards without a wallet or bag!

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Close and Protective Secure contain anything you can fit within securely for your convenience. Greater Versatility Than You Expected. These adhesive pockets can be utilized …